Here Are Eight Styling Tips To Remember

1) Love your body and it will love you in return. With appropriate layering, you can enhance your strengths and conceal your flaws.

2) Adopt timeless silhouettes instead of following trends. They never go out of style.

Plan your wardrobe around neutral basics that work for all seasons.

4) If you feel like you have heavy arms, avoid sleeveless or thin straps. Do wear 3/4 sleeves they will make your arms look longer and slimmer.

5) Wear what you love and feel comfortable in don't be afraid to break the rules if you need to.

6) Choose one accessory that makes a statement. This can be a pair of earrings, a scarf, a hat, a chunky necklace or even statement bag. They add to your personality.

7) Look for colors that go with everything. Try colors such as black, navy blue, neutrals.  You can spice up your wardrobe with a splash of color a red orange or the trendy hot pink can work wonders against  a neutral palate.