Look Beautiful With These Fashion Tips

1. Event. Dress for the occasion and the weather. If given a dress code in the formal invitation dress accordingly. 

2. A list celebrity's style. Celebrities inspire us with their sense of style. Make sure that you choose an outfit that compliments your body type and enhances your curves. 
Draw inspiration from them, but be original.

3. Jewelry. On weddings and other functions, women tend to wear a lot of jewelry. Remember, it is not necessary to be heavily decked-out. While deciding on jewelry, consider your outfit, hairdo and make up. If you are already wearing a beaded or sequin outfit, make sure to balance it with suitable jewelry. Less is more.

4. Apply makeup. You should always apply makeup according to the weather and time of day. In the summer and during the day, opt for a light and waterproof makeup, and if you are going out at night, opt for something bright. Have fun!

5. Footwear. Pick footwear that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. When we are not comfortable standing and walking, our whole personality will lose its charm. When dressing up, give comfort equal importance.

6. Rehearse. If you are uncertain about your style and look, you can always have a rehearsal to see if the makeup, hair do, clothing and accessories suit you. Take a selfie a picture doesn't hurt.