The Right Trousers For Big Thighs And Calves

No more frustration when buying trousers - the right trousers for big thighs and calves can flatter your curves without pinching them. You don't just want a good figure; you also want to feel comfortable in your clothes. Fit is key to dressing big thighs effectively.

Particularly good for big thighs are the following trousers:

  • Straight-cut trousers: A straight cut flatters the thighs, balancing the proportions of the legs.
  • A relaxed fit or boyfriend jeans are comfortable and flatter your figure.
  • A bootcut with a slight flare covers bulky calves.
  • With their casual fit, Wide Leg and Palazzo trousers flatter big legs. Combind with a well-fitting top, the silhouette will look more harmonious.